Specialises in Obedience, Socialisation, Agility, Flyball, Rally and Good Dog Courses

About Coín Dog Training

This club is designed for pet dog owners who would like their dog to be well behaved. Many of the issues I am asked about are, jumping up, not coming when called and pulling on the lead. All can easily be corrected with the right training and consistency by the owner. If you would like the same Contact us here.

After many years of studying and hands on practical experience, opened my own club in 2003. 

We are 30 mins inland from Marbella and Malaga. 

Children welcome (as long as they can handle their dog, for everyones safety).

Fun activities

If your dog has lots of energy, Agility would be great for them as helps to stimulate them both mentally and physically. 

Ball mad dogs would love Flyball - fun, fast and great way for your dog to let of steam.

Rally is great for those who love doing Obedience but with a twist.

And for those who would like to have something to show for their efforts, "Good Dog" courses through the National Code are available, awards from Bronze, to Silver, through to Gold.


Sabrina Hope




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